Global provider of fractional risk and compliance services to FinTech, BaaS Banks, Crypto, & Private Equity

Who We Are

Global Reach

Fraxtional is a New York-based consultancy with resources throughout the United States and Canada providing fractional risk and compliance services to global FinTech, BaaS Banks, Crypto, & Private Equity firms with the goal of executing a compliance framework to accelerate your growth

Experienced & Ready

Leveraging experiences gained over decades at Fortune 500 banks, high-growth FinTech, Crypto, & Private Equity, we offer a unique combination of expertise across all elements of your business that allows us to understand all aspects of your risk and compliance needs

Accomplished Directors

Fraxtional operates through its industry- leading Director network while also offering additional end-to-end managed service capabilities through key partnerships focused on risk and compliance operations

Our Services

Bank Sponsorship

We leverage our decades of experience to help you navigate the partner & sponsor bank process.  Whether you are looking to replace an existing bank provider, or just getting started in your search, we have the expertise to lead your efforts and secure your company a banking relationship

Policies & Procedures

We create policies and procedures, or optimize existing ones, that align the FinTech or Crypto firm with the expectations of partner and sponsor BaaS banks or other critical stakeholders

Risk Assessment & Audit

We work with you or your portfolio companies to conduct risk assessments, due diligence, or independent audits to ensure your compliance and risk programs meet the standard necessary for future growth and regulatory expectation

Fractional Leadership

We serve as your Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, BSA/AML Officer, Chief Fraud Officer and more, ensuring you build trust with partners, investors, and customers

Scaling Your Risk Operations

We maintain strategic partnerships with managed services and software businesses that can provide needed resourcing and related expertise for your risk and compliance needs

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