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Ryan Cimo

Ryan Cimo

Joshua Wasserman

Joshua Wasserman

Regs, Licensing & Controls
Maria Andrews

Maria Andrews

Crypto, Web3, & Licensing
Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Director - Canada
AML, Payments, Intl. Banking
Amber de Volk

Amber de Volk

FinTech & Bank Sponsorship
Sonia Desai

Sonia Desai

BSA/AML & Private Equity
Bert Friedman

Bert Friedman

Regulatory Compliance & Policies
Michele Sabins

Michelle Sabins

BSA/AML & Compliance
Tana Rugel

Tana Rugel

BaaS Enterprise Risk & FinTech

Ricardo Gonzalez

Rick Zabel

Rick Zabel

Bitcoin, Crypto, & AI Infrastructure
Director of Growth & Operations, Massimo Zavatti

Massimo Zavatti

Growth & Operations

Why Choose Us?

Our Fractional Leadership model and Director expertise provides a singular center of excellence for all of your compliance needs


Our mission is to create or accelerate your existing risk and compliance program to the next level, ensuring you have a highly-scalable, cost effective, and compliant program that gives your partners, investors, and customers confidence


Leveraging experiences from the worlds of traditional finance, high-growth FinTechs and Crypto, along with BaaS  and Private Equity expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance and leadership that meet the ever-changing regulatory standards and enhanced compliance requirements


Our broad network of Directors bring two centuries of practical experience and specialize in all aspects of FinTech, BaaS, Crypto, & Private Equity, including BSA/AML/OFAC, Money Transmitter Licensing, Web3, Payments, Regulatory Compliance, Third-Party and Operational Risk, Fraud, and Overall Compliance

Identify & Assess Risk

We help to identify current and future risks to your organization including operational, regulatory, third-party and beyond, while advising on practical solutions

Fractional C-Suite Services

We help to lead your organization with best-in-class guidance and execution on all aspects of risk and compliance, including engaging with partner banks.

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Ryan Cimo is the Founder and CEO of Fraxtional, a New York-based boutique consulting firm specializing in risk and compliance leadership that caters to FinTech, BaaS Banks, Crypto, and Private Equity.

With decades of experience in the financial services industry at Fortune 500 companies and high-growth FinTechs, Ryan’s extensive expertise and unique approach to operational challenges makes Fraxtional a trusted partner for companies seeking fractional leadership and practical risk solutions for current and future challenges. As a senior leader with broad knowledge across multiple disciplines including sales, risk, compliance, and operations, Ryan has the ability to connect the most critical dots when developing the appropriate path forward for his clients.

Ryan has served in multiple senior-level roles at M&T Bank including Head of Risk for Retail Banking, Business Banking, Digital, Marketing, New Ventures, and Consumer Lending, Head of Branch Operations and Risk for over 1000 branch offices across 12 states, Head of Anti-Money Laundering Investigations, Offshoring Director, and Regional Manager across Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Currently, Ryan serves as Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, and BSA Officer for several high-growth FinTech, BaaS Banks, and Crypto companies, and is Board Advisor to Anaptyss, a managed services firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ryan earned a Bachelor’s in Government & Law from Lafayette College and an MBA in Strategic Management & Public Policy from The George Washington University. He is a graduate of both the Consumer Bankers Association Executive Banking School at University of Virginia, and the Executive Leadership Program at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. For several years Ryan served as a committee member of the Risk Management Association, and the Gartner Operations Circle, both nationally-recognized organizations in the field(s) of risk and operations. Ryan is also an ACAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Joshua Wasserman is a Director at Fraxtional specializing in Regulatory Compliance, Licensing, Controls, & BSA,  as well as Founder and Vice President of Key Kore Solutions, Inc. in Tampa, FL.

With over 15 years  experience in the financial services industry as a risk and compliance Bank Examiner and executive leader, Joshua provides guidance on Regulatory Compliance, Licensing, and Control Frameworks to Banks, Fintechs, and virtual currency companies. Joshua has rebuilt multiple risk & control frameworks at some of our largest financial institutions.   

Joshua’s core competencies include developing and leading teams along with shaping robust compliance programs, driving strategic initiatives, developing risk & controls frameworks and self-assessments, managing stakeholders, and international payments buildouts (including most of Africa).

Maria Andrews, Esq.  is a Director at Fraxtional specializing in Crypto, Web3, and Licensing, as well as Founder and President at Alt Compliance, LLC, a firm specializing in digital assets and Web3 Fintechs.

Maria joins Fraxtional as a Compliance professional with a decade of experience and a licensed attorney in the State of New York.  She comes equipped with the skills to advise a broad range of high-growth businesses.  Maria has served as the first Compliance hire at two early-stage cryptocurrency and Web3 startups.  She has scaled Compliance programs from scratch, with a focus on licensing, BSA/AML/OFAC, consumer protection regulations, policies, procedures, and training.


Sean Parker, a CFE and CAMS, is the Canadian Director at Fraxtional, specializing in Canadian specific AML legislation, but with specific international experience related to transaction monitoring, payments risk and correspondent banking.
Sean’s started his career consulting with a variety of reporting entities including money services businesses, fintechs, third party payment processors and dealers in precious metals and stones. More recently, Sean has had more focused compliance experiences for the past decade, working with a large international bank, and then a domestic Canadian financial institution. Those experiences included rolling out a global compliance program, optimizing a transaction monitoring program, addressing FINTRAC reporting requirements, and developing and delivering extensive training on a variety of topics including but not limited to sanctions, bribery and corruption, fraud and payment risk. 
Sean’s unique skill set and industry experience along with in-depth AML knowledge provides comfort to clients that he understands the challenges that clients face and is a trusted advisor that provides workable solutions.

Amber de Volk, serves as Director at Fraxtional, specializing in all facets of FinTech and Bank Sponsorship.

As a seasoned C-Suite executive and thought leader with over two decades of experience, Amber provides FinTech pioneers with strategic compliance guidance, leveraging broad expertise. Amber has led the  design, development, and implementation of many CMS and BSA Programs for a diverse array of FinTech ventures, spanning consumer, b2b/commercial, marketplace lending, payments, and BaaS products. 

Armed with an LL.M. in Financial Compliance & Risk Management and fueled by a passion for compliance innovation, Amber ensures FinTech compliance excellence by crafting CMS programs and decoding intricate regulatory frameworks, drawing from extensive experience in digital banking and FinTech operations.

Sonia Desai is a Director at Fraxtional specializing in BSA/AML & Private Equity, as well as Advisor at HyperVerge, a B2B SaaS company specializing in AI-based KYC and KYB for FinTech and beyond.

Sonia joins Fraxtional and brings with her a distinguished resume of global achievement in the BSA/AML/OFAC space.  Sonia is a globally-recognized subject matter expert on compliance programs, anti-money laundering, sanctions, counter-terrorism finance, and trade sanctions, to name a few.  In 2003 she was awarded “The Franklin Award” by the State Department for the management of the terrorist designation program post 9-11.  In addition, in 2014 Sonia was awarded the “CEO Award” for the design and implementation of the global anti-bribery and corruption program at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

During the course of her career Sonia has led best-in-class BSA programs at high-growth FinTech and venture backed companies including Revolut and Hard Yaka Ventures, along with Senior positions at Charles Schwab and Bank of the West.

Bert Friedman, CAMS/CRCM, serves as a Director at Fraxtional, specializing in the construction and enhancement of Compliance Management Systems. His focus includes leading SOC2 certifications, managing BSA/AML & OFAC compliance, and Policy Development.

With a wealth of over 25 years in financial compliance, Bert has garnered extensive expertise collaborating with Founders, FinTech companies, Partner Banks, and BaaS providers. His distinctive skill set equips clients with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring compliance is maintained while simultaneously fostering top-line growth. Bert’s illustrious career spans roles such as an Examiner at the CFPB, a pivotal figure in Financial Crimes at a prominent commercial bank, and Chief Compliance Officer for various FinTech companies at various growth stages.

Bert’s legal proficiency, SEC/FINRA background, coupled with his in-depth understanding of crypto and blockchain, positions him as a valuable leader for clients, offering the exceptional guidance and expertise required to achieve optimal results.


Michelle Sabins, CAMS/CRCM, is a Director at Fraxtional specializing in AML, Sanctions, and Compliance, as well as Founder and President of Tradewinds Advisory Group located in San Diego, CA.

With over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry as a risk and compliance executive leader, Michelle provides strategic guidance and consulting on regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, and sanctions to Banks, Fintechs, and virtual currency companies. She holds the CAMS and CRCM credentials and is a trusted subject matter expert in the dynamic and ever-changing regulatory landscape.
Michelle’s core competencies include developing and leading teams and compliance programs, driving strategic initiatives, developing specialized due diligence programs, managing stakeholders, and delivering speaking engagements. She is passionate about supporting innovative products, technology, and services that enable financial inclusion and empowerment. Michelle values collaboration, diversity, and integrity in her work and strives to foster a culture of compliance, excellence, and innovation.

Tana Rugel, serves as Director at Fraxtional, specializing in BaaS Enterprise-Wide Risk Management & FinTech.

With over 25 years of experience in the banking sector, Tana is a seasoned BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and risk professional. Her extensive career encompasses diverse roles in enterprise-wide BSA and risk programs, particularly within high-risk sectors such as MSBs (Money Services Businesses), prepaid, and fintech.

Tana has a proven track record of developing multiple risk organizations, including Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). Notably, she recently established a comprehensive risk organization that encompasses BSA Quality Control, BSA Systems, BSA Reporting, and Compliance Oversight Testing teams. Her expertise extends to addressing regulatory issues at various levels, requiring remediation, and she has undergone examination experiences with the Office of Comptroller of Currency.

Tana Rugel holds current certifications, including the ACAMS FCI (Advanced Financial Crimes Certification) and ABA CERP (Certified Enterprise Risk Professional).

Ricardo Gonzalez is a seasoned executive-level compliance and investment professional with over 17 years of industry experience and Director at Fraxtional specializing in FINRA, SEC, & RIA Compliance. As the owner of Regulatory Compliance Consultants, LLC, established in 2014, Ricardo has successfully engaged with major financial institutions such as JPM Chase, Citibank, and Discover Financial. His extensive background is supported by an array of FINRA licenses, including SIE, 7, 24, 63, 53, 65, 99, and 57, enabling him to offer specialized consulting services that ensure strict adherence to laws, regulations, and internal policies.

Ricardo’s expertise in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and broker-dealer regulations equips him with a nuanced understanding of industry compliance intricacies. He has been pivotal in enhancing compliance culture within organizations, bringing a solutions-focused approach and unwavering commitment to ethical standards and regulatory compliance.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Ricardo bridges communication gaps in diverse work environments, fostering strong relationships. His leadership roles as Chief Compliance Officer, AML Chief Officer, and Municipal Bond Principal for numerous billion-dollar, internationally owned SEC-registered investment advisories underscore his capability and influence.

Ricardo’s notable contributions to organizational culture include collaborating with Salesforce to highlight the importance of a robust compliance program, showcasing the tangible return on investment an effective compliance strategy can deliver. Additionally, he has successfully filed continuing membership applications (Form 1017) with regulatory bodies, enabling the addition of new business lines and facilitating ownership changes in various firms.

His areas of expertise are broad and include Anti-Money Laundering, FINRA and SEC Audits, SEC ADV Filing, CRD-IARD, Account Opening Reviews, Transaction Monitoring, EDD, BSA, KYC, and a range of investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, mutual funds, and cryptocurrency. Ricardo’s deep knowledge of FINRA rules and regulations further solidifies his distinguished career.

Rick Zabel is the Director of Bitcoin, Crypto, & AI Infrastructure at Fraxtional, a New York-based boutique consulting firm specializing in risk and compliance leadership that caters to FinTech, BaaS Banks, and Crypto firms.

Rick joins Fraxtional to continue his storied career as an innovator, problem solver, crypto expert, and Founder of Bit-sulting, LLC; an advanced technology consulting company covering a wide-range of industries, including Bitcoin.  In addition to his work with Bit-Sulting LLC, Rick spent several years as Director of Business Development at Post Process Technologies, a 3D printing manufacturer he helped launch from the ground up.  Most recently, Rick served as Director of Business Development at Foundry, a world leader in Bitcoin mining pools and infrastructure based out of Rochester, NY.

An early adopter of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Rick has a keen awareness of the crypto industry and its relation to the power grid and AI industry, along with a deep understanding of the risks to consider, methods to mitigate, and the intersection between these two technologies.

Massimo Zavatti is the Director of Growth & Operations at Fraxtional, a New York-based boutique consulting firm specializing in risk and compliance leadership that caters to FinTech, BaaS Banks, and Crypto firms.

With over 20 years of sales and sales management experience in the tech sector, Massimo understands client needs and providing the value necessary for them to achieve exponential growth.  Coupled with his decades of driving top-line growth, Massimo spent many years in the fraud space at a globally recognized international bank which has allowed him to appreciate the unique needs of clients operating in the financial services industry.

In addition to these experiences, Massimo spent several years as Director of Operations at Confidence Systems, a Silicon Valley SaaS startup offering automation and workflow tools catered to FinTech and traditional banks.